Alarm accessories – PIR Sets DS03

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Two beam Outdoor waterproof Photoelectric solar infrared detector                                                                                         1, the wireless transmitting distance: 500 meters in the open area
2, transmitting frequency: 315 MHZ / 433 MHZ
3, encoding:  fixed coding 2264
4, working voltage: 3.7 V lithium battery, equipped with solar panels
5, working current:  less than 0.4 mA
6 work distance: 5, 10, 20, 30 m optional
7, Adoption of synchronous double-beam can effectively reduce fault alarm caused by birds or leaf
8, simple beam adjustment, special viewfinder can be used for fast aim, and ensure good alignment
9, exterior lighting protection function, efficiently solving problem of interference of sunshine,headlights, fluorescent lamps and mercury lamp
10, flying insects protection design, optical system style sealed, avoid flying insects into the beam to cause interference
11, automatic control circuit, antifreeze, frost prevention
12, solar panels output current: more than 1mA under 1600 lux light  (about 2000 lux light in rainy day)