Alarm accessories – Signal Repeater Z08

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“Wireless Signal Repeater Booster Extender”Wireless Signal Repeater Booster Extender

1.External Power supply:DC 9V-15V

2.Build-in Battery:Ni-Hi AAA*6 DC7.2V

5.Receiving and transmitting frequency: 433MHz

6.Maximum number of the remote control: 20pcs

7.Maximum number of the wireless detector :100pcs

8 Receiving/Transmitting Distance433MHz-433MHz : Receiving Distance: 200m

9.Transmitting Distance: 1000m

10.Defence Zones: 8 wireless zones,2 wired zones

11.Power Output: DC12V,500mA12.External Siren: DC12V,300mA

13.Working Temperature:-20C-55℃14.Size:180*125*37mm”