PD6500i Garrett with 33zones

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Detailed Product Description
33 Zones Security Walk through Metal Detector.
Pinpoint Detection.
Weatherproof material
TEC-PD6500i Metal Detector
TEC-PD6500i Walk Through Metal Detector. Door Type Metal Detector
Identifying and locating concealed weapons is easier than ever thanks to Garrett’s new Magna scanner PD 6500i walkthrough metal detectors.
The PD 6500i’s unique, ultra-enhanced multi-coil detection field pinpoints the exact location of any metal object within 33 distinct areas of the archway, whether on the left, right or in the center of the body, from head to toe. Bright, easy-to-interpret LED pinpoint lights on the walkthrough security detector’s exit side, together with green and red patron pacing lights on the walkthrough security detector’s entrance side help improve overall traffic throughput.
200 levels of sensitivity for each zone provide greater versatility and improve discrimination.
Features include:
Ultra-enhanced multi-coil detection field
Exclusive Pinpoint Detectionâ„¢ technology
Also features unique patron pacing lights
200 levels of sensitivity
Export and Volume pricing available
Outer frame: 2200*800*580 mm
Inner frame: 2020*700*500 mm
Weight: 80kg
Electric current 🙁 100-240) +/- 10%VAC
Power: <30 VA
Work environment: -20°C— +45°C
Sound and light alarm
High strength synthetic materials, in front of the door with Led
33 zone LCD display with remoter control

CE and ISO Certified
12 Months Warranty


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