PD-2000 LED 6zones

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PD-2000 LED Walk Through Metal Detector 6zones
1.Economical and Practical ,Beautiful appearance
2.Walk through metal detector body scanner
3.High sensitivity CE certificate
4.With built-in super shining LED indicating lights, it can exactly indicate the exact position of detected item.
5.Has the function of “ Recover systematic parameters by one key “;when you make some mis-operations.
6.Has the function of 3-grade audio tones adjustment, adapting to different usage environments
7.Sole detecting area can adjust its sensitivity privately, without coordination to adjust the overall sensitivity; it can be adjusted in 100 degrees within its scope; therefore, it can meet customer’s demand to reject the items e.g. belt buckle, gold or silver jewelry, ect.
8.The product does no harm to cardiac pacemaker in human body, hearing aid, pregnant woman and CD compact disc, ect.


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